What’s Low T?
Low testosterone, more commonly known as Low T, is detected by a simple blood test that measures levels of circulating testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that is famous for its role in male dominant traits such as a deep voice and facial hair. What many do not know, is that it also plays a role in physical and mental well-being. Not sure if you’re experiencing Low T? Learn about the signs and symptoms here

A Better Body and a Better Life
Living with low testosterone (Low T) can be more than uncomfortable– it can be disruptive. Symptoms may show up in both your physical and mental health. Testosterone levels naturally begin to drop in men as they enter their 40’s. But if they fall too low, it is time to seek help. If you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms, checkout this post to learn if it might be Low T.

What Can Testosterone Treatment Do for Me?
You deserve to feel great. By balancing your testosterone levels with FDA approved treatments, you can improve your day to day life. Below are just five of the top benefits experienced from Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Top 5 Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT):

1) Sexual Health
Low or no sex drive? Testosterone is a hormone that plays a key role. Studies have shown higher levels of testosterone are often found in men with higher levels of sexual activity. If you are experiencing symptoms affecting your sexual health, increasing testosterone may enhance your libido and your desire.

2) Energy
Fatigued? Men experiencing Low T often complain that they feel exhausted, weak, or have lost their desire to exercise. When you return testosterone to normal levels and engage in a healthy lifestyle symptoms of fatigue can quickly fade away.

3) Muscle Mass
Losing muscle? Testosterone plays a key role in muscle and body composition. This means low levels of testosterone can cause a decrease in lean muscle mass. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help return testosterone to levels that will help build or maintain muscle. Increasing the percentage of lean muscle mass in your body will improve your body composition so you can look and feel your best. However, to increase strength, you will want to combine your treatment plan with strength training exercise.

4) Lose Weight & Reduce Body Fat
Battling the belly? Ageing too often means an unwelcome increase in body fat, particularly belly fat. TRT combined with moderate exercise, produces significant weight loss in men with lower-than-normal levels. Correcting or balancing testosterone levels helps you maintain lean body mass and shed unwanted body fat.

5) Sleep
Losing sleep? Men diagnosed with Low T often report sleep troubles. The relationship between Low T and sleep is tricky. Testosterone is produced during healthy sleep cycles. So, while Low-T can disrupt your sleep, the disruption in sleep can also add to low production. Once testosterone levels are restored you should experience more restful and longer lasting sleep.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is safe and effective.
Millions of men use FDA approved testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to re-balance their testosterone levels.

Get started in 3 Easy Steps!
Step 1: Confidential Consultation
Step 2: Lab Work and Vitals
Step 3: Personalized Treatment Plan

Patients can begin to feel the benefits of testosterone treatment therapy in as little as four to six weeks.


Are you wondering if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy? Let’s find out


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