General Questions
What Is Osteopathic Medicine?
What is telemedicine? How can I schedule a telemedicine or telehealth patient appointment?
How does a virtual or telemedicine appointment or evaluation work?
How can Pennsylvania and New Jersey patients benefit from telemedicine appointments?
How much does a telemedicine appointment cost?
Medical Weight Loss
Should I be concerned about my health just because I am overweight or obese?
What is the difference between being overweight and being obese?
How do I know if I'm overweight or obese?
Does it matter where the excess weight is located?
Can I improve my health by losing excess weight?
Will I be hungry?
Will eating a low carb diet prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes?
How many pounds do you have to lose to lose an inch?
How much weight do I need to lose to see a benefit?
What is low carb?
Why do people start low carb diets?
FDA Approved Prescription Phentermine Medication
How much weight do you lose the first week on phentermine appetite suppressant medication?
What is Phentermine?
Is it safe for my doctor to prescribe me phentermine for weight loss?
How overweight do you have to be to receive prescription phentermine?
What is Semaglutide?
Who can take Semaglutide?
Who should not take Semaglutide?
What medications interactions are important to know when using Semaglutide?