We Are Proud to Offer Custom Blends of Injectable Vitamin, Nutrient, & Amino Acid Shots for Maximum Absorption to Promote Weight Loss, Health, Prevent Illness, Reverse Disease, & Slow the Ageing Process

Benefits of Injectable Vitamin Therapy
Who Can Benefit from Injectable Vitamin Therapy
  •   Affordable
  •   Convenient
  •   Non-Invasive
  •   Immediate Results
  •   Fast Treatment Time
  •   Customized Treatments
  •   100% ABSORPTION of Nutrient
  •   Ideal Preventative Treatment
  •   Increases Energy
  •   Supports Heart Health
  •   Improves Sleep Quality
  •   Enhances Physical Performance
  •   Supports Immune System Function
  •   Detoxifies the Liver
  •   Helps Aid in Post-Surgical Recovery
  •   Speeds Recovery of Cold & Flu Symptoms
  •   Reduce Reliance on Medication
  •   Reduces Symptoms of Migraines
  •   Helps Relieve Hangover Symptoms
  •   Helps Support & Maintain Weight Loss
  •   Vegans
  •   Athletes
  •   Students
  •   Health Care Workers
  •   Cancer Patients
  •   Seniors & the Elderly
  •   Patients w/ B12 Deficiency
  •   Diabetic Patients
  •   Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients
  •   Lyme Disease Patients
  •   Chrohn’s Disease Patients
  •   Celiac Disease Patients
  •   Gastric Bypass Patients
  •   Parkinson Disease Patients (PD)
  •   Multiple Sclerosis Patients (MS)
  •   Patients w/ Compromised Immune System
  •   Adults Diagnosed w/ Osteoporosis
  •   Menopausal & Post-Menopausal Women
  •   Patients w/ Liver, Pancreas & Gallbladder Disease
  •   Patients Suffering Chronic Diarrhea
  •   Patients w/ Food Allergies & Food Intolerance
  •   Patients Suffering Depression or Anxiety

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Patient Reviews

This man never gives up on you ever

Diana B.
Diana B.

17:54 12 Jan 23

I have been going to this office for a very long time. This staff is so professional. And I never met a more caring doctor. He is absolutely wonderful. I have been on several diets in my lifetime even had the gastric band surgery and Dr. and his staff are the best thing for you. He is caring and always accommodating on any issue you ask him.

Diana B.
Diana B.

16:35 06 Jan 23

Kind, truthful, progressive, and safe.

Laura P.
Laura P.

19:50 29 Dec 22

I highly recommend Dr. Fortino if your trying to lose weight!!. I went to him about 2 yrs ago I started my weightloss journey @ 162 lbs and with his help, diet program and my dedication and hard work I got down to 149lbs. I took some time off gained a little weight again and went right back to him. I'm excited to Start this program again and get down to my goal!!!!! Can't forget the wonderful ladies that work there. They are so nice, so helpful, accommodating, and just make it a very pleasant experience!! Im happy to be back here!!!!!!

Ash D.
Ash D.

11:48 13 Dec 22

Love Dr Fortino what can I say about a medical practice that renew your life don’t hesitate!

catherine M.
catherine M.

08:18 19 Aug 22

love the entire office staff they make you feel like family. Dr. Fortino changed my life I now live a happy, healthier daily routine.

victoria C.
victoria C.

16:37 30 Jun 22

I’ve been dieting most of my life, even doing Hcg with its 500 calories. It worked for me, and I kept it off for awhile, but eventually I gained it back. Dr Fortino’s knowledge of nutrition is above & beyond most professionals. How many doctors & dietitians are aware of dwarf wheat? His plan, with wonderful recipes, is a lifestyle change that ensures the weight will stay off. Personally, I started with very low carb & lost 10 pounds the first 3 weeks. As I get closer to my goal I’ll add more healthy carbs and Dr Fortino’s plan is the best I have seen. His Boost Lipotropic Spray is an Amazing must have supplement, my daughter & I are hooked!! I also take his probiotic & will try his Reboot Spray next visit. Thankyou Dr Fortino💚Update: I stoped keto & craved fruit so started started mixing a variety of fresh fruit together and added other carbs. At one point I was going to resume keto because I felt like I gained, but when I got on the scale I was down another pound. I remembered Dr Fortino saying, “no one comes in here who gained from eating fruits & vegetables”. Total loss 20lbs😊


10:29 08 Feb 22