Dynamic (adj.)- characterized by change and progress; positive in attitude and full of energy. This definition is not any ideal anymore—it is a reality. Dr. Robert Fortino, Philadelphia’s weight loss doctor with over 20 years experience, offers his patients weight loss services that include the MIC shot at both of his weight loss offices in Philadelphia and in South Jersey medical weight loss , The MIC shot can help your body change for the better, your health can progress, your attitude can improve, and your energy level can increase. With weight loss offices in NJ and PA, Dr. Fortino’s menu of injectable vitamins, appetite suppressants, and new supplement line offer his patients affordable and effective alternatives to achieve maximum weight loss and maintain their overall health and wellness.

How does the MIC shot work?

M for Methionine- Metabolism is the key to weight loss. Methionine (an amino acid) speeds up the metabolism which burns the body’s stored fat in the liver and turns it into usable energy. This element also regulates histamine levels which aids in lowering cholesterol. Methionine is also used to treat chronic depression, relieve fatigue, and improve skin tone and elasticity.

I for Inositol- This B-vitamin variant accelerates weight loss, reduces body fat, and controls appetite. This element stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine. These hormones help alleviate feelings of panic and anxiety and replace them with an overall sense of well-being.

C for Choline- Not only does this nutrient aid in weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate, but it also improves liver function in its process of removing chemical waste from the body. Waste removal from the body has the power to decrease inflammation. This element specifically supports memory, mental clarity, and a healthy nervous system.

Dr. Fortino’s , Philadelphia medical weight Loss clinic is located at 1822 South Broad St, Philadelphia PA– in the heart of South Philly. Dr. Fortino’s knowledgeable medical weight loss staff is standing by to take your call @ 215.336.8000.

Dr. Fortino also offer medical weight loss services in his New Jersey weight loss clinic located at 129 Johnson Rd, Turnersville, NJ. Call Dr. Fortino”s New Jersey medical weight loss clinic @ 856.318.4100.

You can achieve weight loss and mental health with Dr. Fortino’s MIC shot.
See a dynamic transformation in your body and mind starting today!