Is it Low T?
It’s a common question men ask as they start to experience some natural signs of aging. Low T refers to a decrease in the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for male dominant characteristics like a deep voice and facial hair. It also plays a role in wellness by producing red blood cells, supporting a healthy libido, preserving lean muscle mass, and maintaining bone health. A testosterone hormone imbalance will show up in multiple ways.

So How Do I Know?
Testosterone levels begin to drop in men as they enter their 40’s. Once men reach their 50’s they may begin to notice. Experiencing Low T can be unpleasant. Some of the signs and symptoms of Low T are:

  • Diminished or low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Less frequent or weak erections
  • Feeling lethargic or fatigued
  • Depression, mood swings, anxiety
  • Decreased mental clarity, brain fog
  • Poor sleep quality, insomnia
  • Muscle weakness or loss of muscle mass
  • Weight gain, particularly belly fat\
  • Hair loss

The Good News?
Millions of men use testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Low T is easily treatable with the right doctor and a discrete personal plan. After receiving a proper diagnosis, there are a few options for treatment. The goal with FDA approved Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is to restore your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone and achieve optimal levels without significant side effects.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can begin in just 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Confidential Consultation
Step 2: Lab Work and Vitals
Step 3: Personalized treatment plan

Men may feel improvements in symptoms in as little as four to six weeks with TRT.

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