The Benefits of Taurine Injections

Many articles today urge readers to take supplements and injectables, but the rationale for taking them is often hidden under hard-to-pronounce names and even harder to understand medical terms. This is not one of those articles. The message is clear: take Taurine.

What is Taurine? Taurine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in our brains, retinas, muscle tissues, and organs. It can also be found in meat, fish and dairy products. Many of us may not have enough Taurine in our systems, and all of us can certainly use a boost of it, especially weight loss patients.

Why should I take Taurine? Taurine deficiency may cause the slowing of metabolism and lower energy levels, so adding Taurine to your life is key in overcoming insulin resistance and metabolic disorders which aids in the battle against diabetes and obesity. Taurine increases “lipolysis”, which is the process of burning fat. Taurine can also increase longevity: it is the common element found in “centenarians”– people who live beyond 100 years old. Taurine protects against the degeneration of the nervous system, ocular (eyes), and auditory (ears) systems. Since Taurine is already found in muscle tissue, supplementing with Taurine can also increase athletic performance and assist with impaired levels of growth factor hormones. Taurine assists in the anti-inflammatory process and promotes recovery after exercise.

Who benefits from Taurine Injections? Weight Loss patients or patients with a restricted diet, vegans and vegetarians can greatly benefit from Taurine since meat, dairy and fish– which produce Taurine– are not present in their diets. Runners, Bodybuilders and Crossfitters can also benefit due to Taurine’s ability to strengthen muscles, improve cardiac function, and support liver detoxification. The most important question is this: How do I get Taurine?

Taurine Injections as well as other Vitamin and Nutrient Injections can be obtained by contacting the New Jersey or Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss offices of Dr. Robert Fortino. Dr. Fortino’s cutting edge approach to wellness and his personal attention to each patient has earned him the title of Philadelphia’s Premier Diet Doctor. For over 20 years, Dr. Fortino has been providing safe, effective, affordable treatment in a welcoming environment.

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