Tired of feeling tired? Losing hope and not losing weight? Following all the rules with no rewards? Don’t give up just yet— Dr. Fortino, the premier weight loss doctor of Philadelphia and New Jersey, can help! His weight loss clinic can provide you with another option. It is a safe, effective, non-invasive and affordable medical treatment that can help your body burn fat more efficiently: Methionine Inositol Choline B12 (MIC B12) injections. The buzz has begun about MIC lipotropic fat burning shots, and with the help of Dr. Fortino’s weight loss services you can join the conversation too!

How do MIC lipotropic injections help me lose weight?

The MIC B12 lipotropic injection differs from a plain B12 shot in that the MIC B12 shot is a mixture of components. When these components are blended, you will not only burn fat quickly and more efficiently, but also gain more energy. This is more than a mere diet shot; MIC lipotropic injections will help you see and feel results so that you can stay motivated and positive.

What is in a MIC lipotropic injection?

The main elements are Methionine (M), Inositol (I), and Choline (C). Methionine is an amino acid, Inositol enhances proper cell formation, and Choline is nutrient that supports liver function. This cocktail helps burn fat cells, eliminate stored fat deposits, increase metabolism, and encourage fat reduction. MIC B12 injections are recommended for adults who are seeking to increase their metabolism, burn fat more quickly, and are willing to commit to a healthy lifestyle. These custom injections, in addition to plain B12 shots and diet shots, are created on site at the medical weight loss offices of Dr. Fortino in both Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Into what part of the body is MIC B12 injected?

Dr. Fortino, or one of the medical professionals in his Philadelphia or New Jersey weight loss clinics, will safely inject the MIC B12 shot into one of the following areas: a muscle in the buttocks, thigh, hip, or upper arm. A topical numbing cream will be applied prior to the injection if requested. You are to able resume normal activities immediately after the injection as well. This treatment is derived from all-natural sources, so the risk of side effects is minimal. The body will break down B12 if it has no use for it, and since it is water-soluble the excess will be eliminated naturally. Some patients have experienced mild swelling or redness at the injection site, upset stomach, or lightheadedness. If you have allergies, alert Dr. Fortino before receiving the MIC B12 lipotropic fat burning injection

Are there other benefits to MIC lipotropic injections?

In addition to aiding in weight loss, MIC lipotropic injections have the potential to improve mood, thought processes, and memory because it contains essential elements for proper cell and brain function. These elements can also lower cholesterol levels and reduce high levels of homocysteine, which are associated with increased risk of stroke, heart attack, or dementia. MIC B12 shots also promote healthy hair and nail growth, as well as clearer, younger-looking skin.

How often should I get a MIC lipotropic fat burning injection to see results?

Although results can vary from person to person, multiple injections are required to achieve optimal results. How many will depend on several factors: age, activity level, physical health, frequency of injections, and your body’s response to the injectable. MIC lipotropic fat burning injections are typically given bi-weekly for approximately 8-12 weeks. They are one component of a sustainable weight management program. Another component may be prescription weight loss medication, which can be evaluated by Dr. Fortino during your appointment at his Philadelphia or New Jersey weight management clinic. Results from the weight loss injectable will, however, be seen even faster when combined with exercise, a balanced diet, and overall healthy habits. In addition, you will also feel an immediate energy boost which can last several days following your injection appointment.

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