Skeptical of synthetic materials found in flu shots? Want to effectively protect yourself from the flu this year? Looking to boost your immune system in a natural way?
ENGYSTOL is the answer to your questions!

What is Engystol?
Engystol (EGY-2) is a multicomponent, homeopathic product (tablet or injectable) frequently used for the treatment of viral infections. The flu exhibits various strains, so one type of vaccination may not be adequate. Engystol is an excellent option in place of or in conjunction with the flu shot, and Engystol contains no viral particles or preservatives. Engystol significantly reduces the duration and severity of symptoms during an acute viral infection, and also protects against subsequent infections.

Who can use Engystol?
Engystol, The Natural Flu Shot may be used by children as young as 5, the elderly, and “at risk” groups like asthmatics and diabetics. It may also be taken in combination with other medicines. Pregnant and nursing women may also take Engystol as it has no known side-effects. This treatment is well tolerated and safe for long term use as well. Engystol is excellent for those who have recently travelled or plan to travel and will be exposed to groups of new people. Additionally, those who work with groups of people on a daily basis—like teachers, police, doctors, and nurses—can benefit from Engystol in their regimen.

Why should I get Engystol?
Engystol is scientifically and clinically proven safe and effective to be administered before, during, and after feeling sick in order to prevent and decrease symptoms. This treatment increases the number and activity of “scavenger cells”, which remove viruses from your respiratory tract, while also reducing the inflammation caused by the infection. Your immune system will then be stimulated to create antiviral compounds, called interferons; interferons hold a large role in regulating immune responses. Engystol, The Natural Flu Shot has the potential to boost white blood cell count more than 35%, and has been medically proven to help treat and prevent anti-viral activity such as influenza, herpes simplex 1, rhinovirus and RSV.

Where can I get Engystol?
This all-natural remedy can safely and affordably be obtained from the Philadelphia and New Jersey offices of Dr. Robert Fortino, the Premier Weight Loss and Life Style Medicine Doctor. He, along with his staff of medical professionals, can guide you in your journey to optimum health through injectables and supplements. His team can educate you on his menu of both injectable vitamins and diet shots; his services will help you manage a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Fortino’s lifestyle medicine practice is conveniently located in South Philadelphia (215) 336-8000 and South Jersey (856) 318-4100. Call our wellness clinic today to schedule an appointment to boost your immunity and protect your health!