Starting a weight loss process requires a “plan of action”. With this plan of action, you must be consistent and observant of how your body changes from the daily application of the plan. It is so important to continuously observe how well you are doing. If you are accomplishing your goals, then your plan is working. If you are not so successful, then you need to look at your plan in detail and change what does not work. In the decision to “lose weight” you are deciding to change your “lifestyle”. Finding the correct first steps can be challenging and often leads to “no steps taken”.

The first step in changing the shape of your body requires changing how you approach foods. As Bodybuilders say, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. This means that the “leanness” of your body is a function of what you eat. A Bodybuilder’s job is to be lean and muscular. You are not trying to lose weight as much as you are trying to lose fat. Body fat is very “fluffy” and takes up a lot of room. Your goal is to reduce your size (volume), not necessarily your weight (mass). A pound of muscle weighs as much as a pound of fat, but their volumes are different. Body fat takes up about 3 times the volume as the same mass amount of muscle. Muscle is compact and dense, while body fat is “fluffy”. So, your goal is to reduce body fat, while maintaining and or building muscle, eating real food. Eat better not less.

If you have gained weight, and you are not a bodybuilder, then it is safe to say that the weight you gained is body fat. This increase in body fat is the result of the foods you eat, and patterns of eating that “encourage” fat accumulation. Increases in body fat are due to poorly metabolized food. These poorly metabolized foods cause “patterns of insulin resistance”. Your body struggles to metabolize these foods for fuel. The result is more body fat. Even worse, you become nutritionally depleted and hungry again.

I like to say that you are “over fed and under nourished”.

Your gut is the most important partner in maintaining your health. “Heal your gut – heal your body”. Food should be metabolized efficiently and provide your body, at the cellular level, the necessary nutrition needed. The right nutrition controls metabolism and appetite. The wrong nutrition causes dysfunction in metabolism and leads to fat gains and other health problems.

The first rule and most important rule is to only “Eat what God created”. Foods that come from the ground, picked from the vine, or hunted and gathered, maintain your metabolism and health.

Most importantly, these foods eliminate “insulin resistant patterns”. Insulin resistance is the biggest problem, because it leads to increases in body fat and chronic inflammation. This is the beginning of all diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, and others.

Controlling insulin resistance is the objective, and it is achieved by consuming simple foods. Eat proteins like meats, fish, poultry, and eggs. Eat leafy green vegetables and fruit. Eat foods that are “naturally fat” like meats, fish, avocado, eggs, nuts, and olive oil. This is the foundation of your plan for successful “weight loss”. These foods control “patterns of insulin resistance” and promote body fat loss and eliminate inflammation. I call this diet “A Low Insulin Diet”.