General Questions
What Is Osteopathic Medicine?
What is telemedicine? How can I schedule a telemedicine or telehealth patient appointment?
How does a virtual or telemedicine appointment or evaluation work?
How can Pennsylvania and New Jersey patients benefit from telemedicine appointments?
How much does a telemedicine appointment cost?
Medical Weight Loss
Should I be concerned about my health just because I am overweight or obese?
What is the difference between being overweight and being obese?
How do I know if I'm overweight or obese?
Does it matter where the excess weight is located?
Can I improve my health by losing excess weight?
Will I be hungry?
Will eating a low carb diet prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes?
How many pounds do you have to lose to lose an inch?
How much weight do I need to lose to see a benefit?
What is low carb?
Why do people start low carb diets?
Injectable Vitamin & Amino Acid Booster Shots
What is a Vitamin Booster Shot?
Why Get a Vitamin Injection?
How long will the booster shot last?
What is Vitamin B12?
What are the Health Benefits of Vitamin B12?
What is Vitamin B12 Deficiency?
What is a MIC Lipo Injection?
Can I lose weight from a MIC Lipotropic injection?
Do Vitamin C Shots Burn?
What are the Benefits of a Vitamin C Therapy Shots?
Will Vitamin C Shorten a Cold?
What is Glutathione Therapy?
What are the benefits of Glutathione?
What are the benefits of glutathione shots?
Will Glutathione improve my skin?
What Is L-Lysine And How Does It Work?
Is L-Lysine good for my skin and bone density?
Will L-Lysine help my diabetes?
Will L-Lysine help my heart and cardiovascular system?
Will L-Lysine help my anxiety?
What is Taurine?
What are the benefits of Taurine?
Will Taurine give me energy?
Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements
What are probiotics good for?
What side-effects should I expect when starting probiotics?
Will probiotic supplements help me lose weight?
Low Testosterone Treatment Therapy
What is Testosterone?
What is hypogonadism?
How do I know if my testosterone levels are low?
What are the signs and symptoms of Low T?
What are the Benefits of Testosterone Treatment Therapy (TRT)?
What is Testosterone Therapy Treatment (TRT)?
Is Low T Therapy (TRT) safe?
Are my blood test and results private and confidential?
How will I know that my testosterone lab results are back?
Do Low T injections hurt?
How do you monitor and manage my testosterone treatment therapy (TRT) follow up care?
Will insurance pay for my Testosterone Replacement Treatment (TRT)?
Are diet and exercise important when taking testosterone?
Will injectable vitamins and nutrients be part of my Low T Therapy?
Medical Marijuana Card
Are you seeing new mmp patients? Do you offer telehealth and telemedicine appointments due to Covid-19?
Is it legal to recreationally use marijuana in New Jersey yet?
How do I apply for a Medical Cannabis Card in PA or NJ?
What will I need to bring with me for my first medical marijuana evaluation appointment in PA or NJ?
How do I pay for the medical marijuana card?
What are the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card?
How do I get a medical marijuana card for an anxiety disorder?
I suffer from chronic pain, do I qualify for a medical marijuana card?
How much does a medical marijuana telemedicine appointment cost?

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