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By Jennifer Lesser
May 19, 2020

While recent events have encouraged all of us to appreciate the importance of a strong and healthy immune system, vitamins and supplements including C, D and zinc have been touted for many years to help prevent illness and boost energy. An innovative approach being offered in South Jersey and Philadelphia is taking the benefits of these supplements one step further by offering patients injectable vitamins and nutrients that promise benefits ranging from hormone balancing, less fatigue, mental clarity and improved mood to enhanced digestion and metabolism—and, highly importantly, a stronger immune system. Some supplements are also available in a sublingual form (administered under the tongue).

Injectable vitamins and nutrients are already popular in Hollywood and major cities including New York, Los Angeles and Miami, and Dr. Robert Fortino, a board-certified internal medicine physician, has brought them to our region. In private practice since 1999, Fortino says that one of the main benefits of injecting vitamins as opposed to taking them by mouth is better nutrient absorption. These vitamin booster shots can be administered in seconds and they offer lasting effects. Unlike oral supplements, they are completely absorbed by the body.

According to Fortino, some vitamins are best utilized when they bypass the digestive system because barriers in the gastrointestinal tract prevent adequate absorption. When you take vitamins orally or in capsule or tablet form, you’re unlikely to get the full dose. His injections use the finest cosmetic-grade needles and can be easily self-administered. “Vitamin booster shots provide patients with all of the benefits of the vitamins in a way that’s fast, easy, and direct,” he says. “My focus has always been on treating the whole patient and not just their symptom to achieve an overall wellness,” he explains.

Better yet, he notes that the injections will prove more cost effective over time than purchasing high-quality vitamins and supplements found in vitamin stores on a monthly basis. They are currently available by prescription only and all patients must complete an informed consent form and medical intake form to be eligible. However, they can be mailed, so they are available for anyone who isn’t a current patient of Fortino.

“Our vitamin shots are natural, safe and effective,” he adds. “Whether you’re an athlete whose goal is to help build lean body mass and recover faster from injury, a Lyme disease patient that wants to detoxify or you’re trying to lead a healthier lifestyle so you can stop having to rely on prescription medications, these can be part of the solution.”

Vitamin B12 can also be combined with each injection for a customized cocktail that supports overall lifestyle and personal health needs on any given day—almost like how lemongrass, kale or amino acids can be added to a smoothie to help boost the health benefits. Whether one’s tired or run down, looking to build lean body mass or imbibed too much alcohol the night before, they have a customized combination shot for each need. “Our mission is to deliver safe, fast-acting, natural solutions to improve your health and well-being for the long term,” explains Fortino, noting that injectable vitamins and nutrients are a valuable asset to patients suffering from debilitating diseases and chronic illness.

He works closely with patients to design a vitamin injection protocol that fits specific needs and goals. For example, adding glutathione to an injection can provide extra immune support―it’s a vital antioxidant that regulates cellular health to help fight infection,” he adds, noting that it’s often used to treat conditions such as hematomachrosis, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease. Whether one’s battling an illness or wants to increase energy levels, lose weight, improve physical performance, delay signs of aging or strengthen immunity, vitamin therapy treatments can help one feel better faster.

On frequency of usage, Fortino explains that it depends on the individual patient’s needs—if they’re taking the injections for preventive measures (such as to ward off illness during flu season), they can be taken weekly. But for those that’re combating certain symptoms or already have certain nutritional deficiencies, they can be taken on an as-needed basis if or when the effects of the previous shot appear to be wearing off. “Long-term use of certain medications can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb vitamins, robbing your body of the benefits of these nutrients. This can lead to serious health issues and complications,” he explains.

While side effects are highly rare, some vitamins shouldn’t be taken by those with certain medical conditions or combined with particular medications. Other individuals that shouldn’t take the injections are women that are pregnant or nursing. Note that nutrient injections are intended as supplementation for generally well individuals to boost energy and overall wellness on a regular basis. Vitamin treatments are not substitutions for standard medical care.

Fortino was the 1989 North American power lifting champion and continues to be devoted to weight training and physical fitness along with serving in the New Jersey ANG 177th Fighter Wing in Egg Harbor. His mission is to educate and motivate his patients to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and to rely on physical conditioning and nutritional education as a method of disease prevention. His Philadelphia- and South Jersey-based offices have become a go-to destination for those seeking options for safe and effective weight loss, medical marijuana, low-testosterone treatment, anti-aging treatments and now injectable vitamins and supplements.

“It’s my goal to get our patients on a track that elevates them to become goal setters and goal achievers,” he says “My focus has always been on treating the whole patient and not just their symptom to achieve an overall long-term wellness,” he explains.

Dr. Fortino’s offices are located at 1822 Broad St., Philadelphia, and 129 Johnson Rd., Turnersville, NJ.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 215-336-8000 or 856-318-4100 or visit

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