Pan of Fried Bacon Ends Ketogenic Diets Let You Eat High-Fat Forbidden Foods

For those who are struggling to lose weight, picking the right diet program is essential for success. If you go with a plan that leaves you tired, hungry, and craving chocolate chip cookies, that diet won’t be very effective long term. The advantage of going with a ketogenic diet plan is that you’ll be able to eat a lot of the foods that you are not allowed to eat on a high-carbohydrate fat-restricted diet, so the problem of deprivation is much less of an issue.

The key to making the diet work is to get into the state of ketosis quickly, so your cravings for junk food goes way down. That is accomplished by minimizing your carbohydrate intake. A standard low-carb diet advises you to begin dieting by eating between 20 and 30 net carbs per day, depending on which low-carb diet plan you choose. Ketogenic diets limit you to 20 net carbs or less.