Illumiwave 635 Lipo Contour Laser Treatments

Illumiwave 635 Lipo Contour Laser treatments are 20 to 40 minutes long and the protocol is three treatments per week for 4-6 weeks. Results are noticeable after only two to four treatments. You can expect a standard loss of two to four inches overall after 4-6 weeks. In short, give us 40 minutes three times a week and lose 2-3 inches.

IllumiWave 635 Lipo Sculpting Laser Benefits

Ask about combining Illumiwave 635 Laser treatments with Cavi-Lipo Treatments for the ultimate in non-invasive body contouring.  Our staff of trained professionals  will customize your treatment plan to fit your personal needs.

How 635nm Light Therapy Breaks Down Adipose Tissue

When laser energy penetrates into the adipose tissue, the adipose cell walls are made permeable for a momentary period, allowing the cell contents (water, glycerol and free fatty acids) to spill out. The water is utilized or excreted, and free fatty acids are utilized in the body as energy or reabsorbed by other cells. The glycerol is processed through natural metabolic functions. The adipose tissue is not removed, but significantly shrinks in size, resulting in an improved sculpted body. The laser operates at a low level energy, only strong enough to create pores in the adipose tissue, and gentle enough not to cause bruising, bleeding or blood vessel damage.

Overview of Adipose Tissue

Fat, or adipose tissue, can be found in several places in the body. Typically, areas in need of body contouring are different between men and women, due to the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Men typically carry excess body mass in the chest, abdomen, and buttocks. Women typically carry excess body mass in the breasts, hips, waist, and buttocks.

How a fat cell stores fat, and converts glucose and amino acids into fat.

When fat enters the body (mainly triclycerides), insulin (a hormone secreted by the pancreas), is released, due to stimulation by the presence of glucose, amino acids or fatty acids in the intestine. Insulin tells the cells various messages, including to stop breaking down fats into fatty acids and glycerol and to start building fats (triglycerides) from glycerol and fatty acids. From the blood cells, the fatty acids are absorbed into adipose cells, muscle cells and liver cells. Under the stimulation of insulin, these cells are made into fat molecules and stored as adipose.

635nm Light Therapy

  • Adipocytes at rest
  • Laser energy from illumiWave635 irradiates adipocytes
  • Pores have formed on the adipocytes allowing contents to spill out
  • Water, Glycerol and Free Fatty Acids move out into interstitial space
  • More Water (blue), Free Fatty Acids (green) and Glycerol (purple) spill out
  • Adipocytes significantly reduced in size while the blood vessel stays

Studies and Clinical Trials

  • No adverse side effects
  • After one treatment, ultrasound images show up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth
  • In a clinical study of 700 cases, 95% reported to have a smooth abdominal surface and good skin retraction

Lipo reduction trial conducted using IllumiWave635 line collimated laser diodes on male and female patients. The duration for each treatment was 20 minutes. The IllumiWave 635nm was placed over the patient’s abdomen area, 3 inches from the skin, and both the patient and the laser were kept stationary for the entire duration. After each session, the patient underwent VIBRATION  THERAPY for 10 minutes. Patients reported the maintenance of a healthy diet including exercise under a regiment of 45 minutes, 3  times per week in conjunction with the laser treatments. Measurements were taken circumferentially on each patient as documented below.

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