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1743606_654836124574699_1950841582_nIn July 2013, Dr. Fortino opened a second location in South Jersey.  This new location in Washington Township, N.J. is 20 minutes from the Walt Whitman Bridge, just off the Atlantic City Expressway. The roughly 2,000-square-foot Washington Township, NJ office is three times larger than the Philadelphia office, and offers the same innovative treatments and state-of-the-art equipment.

In addition to being board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Fortino is a flight surgeon for the New Jersey Air National Guard, 177th Fighter Wing, located in Egg Harbor Township, N.J. He currently holds the rank of lieutenant colonel and provides medical care for the military members of the 177th Fighter Wing.

1390577_605576202834025_120857563_nDr. Fortino describes his approach to wellness as a “lifestyle overhaul.” He first looks to help patients understand the root cause or causes of their weight gain. He also determines factors that could impact the weight-loss process such as disease, illness or limitation of movement, stress, and “bad habits” such as overeating, stress eating and poor understanding of general nutrition. He then develops an individualized plan, which often includes significant lifestyle adjustments. Because ailments such as diabetes and high blood pressure go hand in hand with obesity, patients in Dr. Fortino’s care tend to achieve more vitality and a better overall quality of life.

“It is a big change because we are creatures of habit,” he says. “People don’t like to make change. A person has to be willing to let go of their expectations, ego and pride. That change has to come from within. But I break it down very easy and tell them that this is going require hard work. What may seem as sacrifice in the beginning will become an evolution of the creation of successful behavior. You will not have sacrificed anything but bad health and habits. Weight loss is a big part of any medical practice.  Being an internist, I concentrate on the whole person. I am a big advocate of supplements and injectable vitamin therapies as well as amino acids such as L-Carnitine because of their ability to break down fat that can be utilized and burned for fuel.  In additon, my patients benefit from Glutathione treatments or as I call them “The Master Antioxidant” which help to remove toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals from the body.  Let’s face it most people are busy and tend to neglect their health until they are faced with a major health crisis. Most people come to the South Jersey office very deconditioned. They can’t run a city block, can’t do two push ups. I want people to become lean, mean, fighting machines.”


Dr. Fortino’s South Jersey practice focuses on treating men suffering from Low T or Low Testosterone levels. male patients who often feel stigmatized or ashamed to visit a doctor for weight loss. In addition to weight loss, low T, and anti aging treatments  Dr. Fortino offers state of the art FDA Cleared body-contouring treatments that produce significant results for men and women alike. One such treatment at the South Jersey office is the IllumiWave 635 Lipo Body Contouring Laser Treatment. The noninvasive laser treatment, already popular in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, is quick, safe and effective. Patients can come in on their lunch hour, have the procedure done and then go back to their lives, with no downtime or bruising. Another noninvasive lipo laser body sculpting procedure offered is the Cavi-Lipo Body Sculpting Laser, which provides a painless, noninvasive treatment targeting stubborn areas of body fat. After just one treatment, patients can experience up to a 30 percent reduction in fat-layer depth.

Dr. Fortino is an exclusive provider of Slim & Tone Lipotropic Oral Drops and “Boost” Fat Burning Oral Drops. These drops, which are absorbed under the tongue, contain essential vitamins and amino acids that enhance the fat-burning process to help patients shed excess pounds. The drops have become hugely popular due to their effectiveness, as evidenced by the fact that Dr. Fortino he has shipped them to patients as far away as Miami.

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Using a multifaceted approach that includes lifestyle counseling and a number of innovative weight-loss treatments, Dr. Robert Fortino places patients on a path to good health.

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