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PL_FortinoCover_313Since going into private practice in 1999, Dr. Fortino has earned his reputation as the Philadelphia area’s Premier Diet Doctor. His Philadelphia office has become the “go-to destination” for people seeking safe and effective weight loss, Low T, HCG, Injectable Vitamins, and Anti Aging Treatments under the watchful supervision of a board-certified physician. Dr. Fortino uses a comprehensive, multifaceted and hands-on approach to helping patients on the path toward good health and a proper diet.

Dr. Fortino is known for his “cutting edge” approach to weight loss as well as he “perosnal attention” to each and every patient. A typical treatment plan will likely include some or all of the following, depending on the specific patient: FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant Medication, a Low Carb High Fat meal plan, Vitamin B12 & Lipotropic amino acid injections or as his patients call them”The Diet Shot” as well as vitamins and supplements; blood work and EKGs; ongoing monitoring and maintenance; and, of course, exercise.

“It is my goal to get our patients on a track that elevates them to become goal setters and goal achievers,” explains Dr. Fortino. “I feel it is my duty to raise them up step by step. I give realistic goals that can be achieved.”

995277_10152177044229925_909333207_nHis “three cardinal rules” include eating only foods that “God put here on this earth”; controlling one’s portions; and exercising. By developing and maintaining good eating behaviors—adding protein, while eliminating processed foods, salts, sugar, alcohol and other heavy-calorie foods—patients can create boundaries that allow them to eat what they need rather than what they want. “These rules give our patients focus and a sense that they are a priority to themselves,” he explains. “They deserve better and can achieve any goal that is set.

I try to differentiate the right calories from the wrong calories. I often see people that start a no-fat diet, but in reality they cut out fat and substitute carbohydrates. This generally means more calories, and not one patient can actually quantify their calories or the amount of protein that was taken in for one day.” In addition to a proper diet, following the third rule—exercise—enables patients to develop lean muscle mass, which in turn stokes their metabolism.If patients are able to follow these three rules going forward, according to Dr.Fortino, they will create the lifestyle changes and diet needed to help you not only lose weight but also maintain a trim, healthy physique for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Fortino, Philadelphia’s Premier Diet Doctor specializing in cutting edge approaches to safe and effective medically supervised weight loss, Low T, Anti Aging, HCG, and Injectable Vitamin treatments.  Helping you to live a better, more active and, ultimately, more fulfilling life. 

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Using a multifaceted approach that includes lifestyle counseling and a number of innovative weight-loss treatments, Dr. Robert Fortino places patients on a path to good health.

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